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Women’s activities

Restore women's outing to Blakesley Hall

Activities for lone women started 5 years ago and continue to be a vital way of bringing women together to socialise, have fun together and provide a break from the uncertainties of everyday life.

Restore has helped me so much to get to terms with my health. I had suffered from depression. I needed a place to go to meet other women like myself and to share some happiness. Restore provided an opportunity to attend wonderful activities, to meet, swim, and to visit various beautiful places of heritage in the West Midlands together. Without the amazing support of Restore I would not be as confident. They have helped me build up my self-esteem in order to help other women like myself get to terms with our situation.” (Participant)

Previous outings have included museum visits to Sarehole Mill and Blakesley Hall, trips to the Public Art Gallery in West Bromwich, the Nature Centre, swimming and circle dancing, and Christmas and Easter lunches hosted by volunteers.

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