Developing friendship

Joanna* is a volunteer who has befriended a refugee woman since her early days in Birmingham:  “I have developed a friendship through befriending. We talk about all topics, from day-to-day life to her previous and current problems and experiences. I feel she can confide in me, and I go to each meeting with a positive attitude which I feel reflects in her after our meetings. I have learned a lot about immigration and asylum procedures within the UK, including a variety of problems that asylum seekers face. I have gained an insight of what being an asylum seeker can involve, through one incredible young woman’s eyes. Although she now has refugee status, which is amazing news, she has been through a lot of change since gaining her Leave to Remain. While waiting for housing she lived in a hostel for 4 months. This was an uncomfortable and confusing time and she became very low. The housing issues got her down and made it difficult for her to move forward with college and looking for work. I am happy to say that since knowing her, despite the challenges she has faced, she has managed to overcome and move forward with her life. It has been a delight knowing her and very rewarding helping her in any way I can.”

* name has been changed

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