About us

Vision & aims

Restore’s vision is for a society into which all refugees and asylum seekers are welcomed, valued and integrated.

Restore works towards that vision by:
Building relationships and equipping for integration – through befriending, group social activities and employability training.
Motivating for action – through raising awareness of refugee issues and opportunities to make a difference.
Working for change – through partnering and campaigning with others to improve systems and services that affect refugees and asylum seekers.

Restore’s work is relational. We work with refugees and asylum seekers who have fled persecution in their own countries to find safety in the UK. Our ultimate aim is that refugees belong to a new community, feel part of British society and able to contribute to community life. We recognise that for many this is a long process during which people benefit from support.

Restore was founded in 1999 by a group of churches in Birmingham, who wished to help Kosovans fleeing conflict and other asylum seekers arriving in our city due to the policy of dispersing them to be accommodated in cities across Britain. Restore was adopted by the registered charity Birmingham Churches Together in 2000. From its early days Restore has offered one-to-one befriending and raised awareness about refugee and asylum issues and other work has developed since then.

Restore Annual Report 2019


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