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Restore has been involved with the Together with Refugees coalition since summer 2021, working with over 500 other organisations to raise awareness about new government legislation and the impact it will have on refugees and asylum seekers, campaigning for changes to that legislation and promoting a more compassionate approach.

We believe that in the same way that climate change is a global challenge needing a response from all nations, the displacement of refugees is also a global challenge that all, including the UK, needs to address to protect victims of war and persecution.

We want to see the end of dangerous Channel crossings.  One way to do that would be to introduce more safe routes so asylum seekers don’t need to resort to small boats.  The cost of asylum accommodation could be drastically reduced if the Home Office processed asylum claims more quickly and reduced current the backlog of people living in limbo while they await a decision.

We send out updates on campaigns  in our mailings.  To join our electronic mailing list , please email

For more information please see the Together With Refugees website.

Anti refugee laws pledge

You could join thousands of others and sign the anti-refugee laws pledge to work towards welcome and a fairer, better system.  For more details please click here.

Lift the Ban campaign

In addition to Restore’s relational work to welcome and integrate refugees and asylum seekers, Restore also works for change to improve the systems and structures that impinge on the lives on refugees and asylum seekers. Restore has signed up as a partner in the Lift the Ban campaign which is lobbying the government to change their policy and allow asylum seekers to work after they have been in the asylum process for 6 months. Asylum Matters and Refugee Action are leading the campaign.

For more information about the national campaign please click here




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